bird house family

Welcome to Bird House Family

A fun animated adventure for children under 10 (& lets face it us parents will enjoy it too.


The concept for Bird House Family started from a group of 4 different European varieties of chicken chicks. With all of the hullabaloo about our food not being organic & antibiotic & hormonally injected, it seemed like a good thing to get some & raise them for their yummy eggs. Little did we expect, unfairly in hindsight, that each one of them had a personality so unique as their looks.

Most of us have had pets--dogs, cats, guinea pigs, birds you name it. Somehow we learned that they were all as different as snowflakes as we are ourselves. It's a relationship that forms between us that we need them as much as they need us. You are probably familiar with the saying that "it takes a village to raise a child".

We created our Bird House Family series of videos with just that in mind--that we are all connected & need to help each other no matter what the differences in looks or abilities. To reach children in that way in their formative years by means of video is a powerful tool. After all, as parents we just can't control everything that happens in their lives--everyone they meet, every experience they have makes an impact on their psyche, good or bad.

Our aim is for good and positive influences to HELP all of us parents in a rapidly changing technological environment. We hope you like our characters and the stories we've written. So far we've written a pilot and two other episodes. If you like or dislike where we are going, please comment on our website. We don't want to launch our series without feedback!

The Team at Bird House Family